Rescued Snow Bengal Cat No Longer Had To Give Up Her Kittens

Snow Bengal cat Felicity, was born into a very tough life.  Her owner was a backyard breeder and once her kittens were born, they were all taken away from her. Because her only purpose in life was to breed kittens, she missed having them to love. 

Rescue group TinyKittens, in Langley, British Columbia rescued Felicity when she was in terrible shape and pregnant. The poor cat had anxiety, fleas, ear mites, tapeworms, an upper respiratory infection, and a uterine infection, that put her babies at risk.

The rescue group thought Felicity was going to have a miscarriage, but she eventually gave birth to two miracle kittens.

In light of Felicity’s poor health, she was still a perfect mommy to her newborn kittens. She nursed them and never leaves their side.

Tiny Kittens was able to nurse Felicity back to health. She spends most of her time snuggling with her babies, but she gets a lot of deserved human love.

The kittens are inseparable and love to play.

Because this was the first litter that Felicity was able to love, the shelter hated the thought of her being separated from these two. As luck would have it, a woman fell in love with all three of them and adopted them all!

Felicity will now live with her two babies forever!

Felicity, Felix and Keiko have their own Facebook page where you can follow their adventures!

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