After Her Brother Was Killed In The War, She Rescued His Dogs

Sgt. Peter Neesley 28, of United States Army, died protecting his motherland in Iraq on December 25th.  He was a hero and Carey Neely, his best-friend and blood sister, was devastated when she heard the news.  However, Peter’s brothers in arms contacted Carey and told her about mommy dog and her four puppies, that Peter saved before he died.

Carey knew how much her brother loved animals and said Peter always loved taking care of things, just as he took care of his big family called America until his last breath. Unfortunately, three of the puppies died in the war with Peter. Even in his dying moments, Peter tried his best to keep the mommy dog and her only surviving puppy safe. Carey did everything she could to keep what was left of her brother. Get your tissues and watch this beautiful video.


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