Rejected Shelter Dog Is Rescued To Star In A Movie

Freya called “the loneliest dog in the UK” was not adopted during her six-year stay at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool. Freya who has epilepsy, has lived at Freshfield her entire life.

The staff at Freshfields was afraid Freya would never find a forever home. That was until Hollywood director Michael Bay saw the article about the loneliest dog and added her to the cast of Transformers: The Last Knight!

Freshfields’ staff said that Freya is a big baby and is very loving and friendly. When Michael Bay saw the article about Freya, he began sending out tweets.

Bay said that after the move, he would find Freya a home, and if she doesn’t find a home, he will happily adopt her!

Freya has her own Facebook page that is updated with news about Freya’s life.

Freya hopes to find a home with only human adults and no other furry siblings.

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