Shelter Dog Was Too Depressed To Move Until A Young Boy Appeared

Nala was rescued from the streets of New Zealand and brought to the shelter.  Once there, she was heartbroken and utterly depressed. She refused to move while in her kennel until a young boy appeared.  The rescuers thought that by seeing other animals in the shelter, she would feel better, but instead, she just trembled and growled in the corner of her cage.

The shelter volunteers did not want to give up. Abbie Van Der Plax, the shelter’s owner, spent two days sitting on the floor trying to gain her trust. Then suddenly when Abby’s seven-year-old Zach showed up, a miracle occurred. Nala’s ears perked up and her personality changed instantly!

Nala loves Zach, and they are now an inseparable pair! Nala, who was suffering from separation distress, is slowly coming out of her shell.

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