She Went To Hug A Wolf, But Followed Left Me In Shock…

The Polar Park is a popular tourist attraction in northern Norway.  It is also known as the world’s most northern zoo.  It is situated in Salangsdalen, Troms, Norway.  At the Arctic Wildlife Centre, there are bears, wolves, lynx, wolverines, foxes, deer, elk, reindeer, and musk.  In this video, you get a close encounter with their wolf pack.

Anita, the woman show in the video, was one of the workers at the park, but had been away for two months. This video was shot upon her return.  The wolves were very eager to show her how much they missed her. While theses wolves lick, tackle, and playfully nip at Anita, you cannot go out and hug a random wolf. Wolves are still very powerful animals, and you can see that Anita is being careful not to excite them or appear as a threat.
The wolves in Norway are also dangerously endangered.  In an article written earlier this year by The Guardian, they estimate there are only about 50 wolves in Norway, and they think that number will decrease to 20 by the end of the season.  By engaging in wild wolves, you could find yourself in a situation where one or both of you won’t make it out alive, and right now, that is a hit that the wolves in Norway cannot take.
Remember to be careful around wild animals and enjoy them from a distance.
Now, check out Anita and her reunion with her socialized wolf friends!

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