After Being Evacuated Due To Wildfires, She Went Into Labor And Had To Leave Her Cat Behind

When hurricanes, floods, and wildfires hit, it is necessary to evacuate people! The wildfires in Canada were no exception, but did you ever wonder what happens to the family pets?

Recently, when the wildfires were approaching Fort McMurray, Canada, 100,000 people were forced to leave their homes. The experts thought the fires would burn for many months, and the people had to get out.

Canadian Airlines and Canadian North, had an amazing idea. They allowed pets to ride in the planes in coach!

The Scott family was evacuating with their cat, Meow Meow when Mrs. Scott went into labor! That is when the family had to leave Meow Meow with Canadian North Flight Operations while the Scotts went to the hospital.

Meow Meow was a guest for a several days in the office.

The employees gave her a name tag!

Soon, updates and pictures of Meow Meow appeared on Facebook and Twitter for the Scott family to be able to see how she was doing!

Meow Meow was given the responsibility of checking to see if the coffee maker had been turned off at the end of the day!

Meow Meow has been reunited with her family and the Scotts have returned home to Calgary!

The Scotts were ever so grateful to the Canadian North Flight Operations team who was willing to watch their fur baby!

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