Everyone Thought She Was Crazy For Saving A Wild Wolf, Then They Met Her…

Lakomi the wolfdog was eight months old when she was found starving and near death. It was clear that she had been bred and partially raised in captivity. But for some unknown reason, her owners released into the wild, where she was rescued by a sanctuary. When Lakomi first arrived at the sanctuary, she was highly antisocial. But when YouTube user Sarah arrived, everything changed. The wolf gradually became the gentle soul who’s been winning the hearts of YouTube users over the last couple of weeks. More than 3 million viewers have already watched Lakomi enjoy one of the most adorable belly rubs ever.

When Lakomi arrived at the sanctuary where she lives, she needed both surgery and medication to survive. And at first, she was extremely protective and didn’t let anyone get close. Most people thought the wolf was a hopeless case, so when Sarah showed up, no one thought Sarah would be able to change Lakomi. But Sarah didn’t listen and instead listened to her heart.

Slowly but surely, Lakomi noticed that her caretakers just wanted her to be happy and healthy, and she gradually opened up and relaxed. After another couple of months, Lakomi’s health was fully restored and now she and Sarah are best friends.

“Lakomi is a gorgeous example of the redemptive power of love, and being able to know her is one of the greatest privileges of my life,” Sarah wrote on Youtube. Check out their wonderful relationship below.

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