Heartbroken Bonded Senior Dogs Surrendered By Family

Spending days at the shelter can be heartbreaking for some dogs.  Especially, if they are seniors. Luckily for these two senior dogs, they have each other.

Nine-year old Sugar and ten-year old Spice were surrendered by their families and found solace in each other when they were placed in the same kennel. When the staff fed hot dogs to them, Spice took one and dropped it in front of Sugar for her to eat. The sad part is because of their ages, they are least likely to get adopted.

The center hopes that someone will fall in love with the friendship that these two have and decide to take them home together one day. If you or anyone you know is willing to give these seniors a second chance, please contact the Downey Animal Care Center, 11258 Garfield Ave, South Gate CA 90280, at (562) 940-6898.


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