Cat Report To The Rail Station Everyday

This is the story of Fanny, the cat, who travels to the Gypsy Hill Railways Station in South London every day. This furball greets passengers and inspires them to start their new day with hope and positivity.

One of the regular passengers looks forward to seeing Fanny in the early morning. Fanny loves the vast station with its endless people adoring her presence.

Hes highness, Fanny, the Gypsy Cat

Fanny even has a twitter account!  She introduces herself as a worker at the station and adds that she likes grooming her tuxedo and discussing purr-sonal affairs with the passengers.

Fanny works her magic with her paws on the machines.

She greets the humans up with a wonderful smile every morning.

Fanny loves to socialize.

No one escapes the clawed paws of the law!

Fanny, cuddling up to a passenger!

“I guard the station with my heart, soul and fur,” says Fanny.

Fanny likes rubbbing face to face.

This is Fanny starting a conversation.

Gypsy Hill is Fanny’s favorite place.

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