What Their Adorable Kitten Likes To Do Right After Dinner Is Beyond Hilarious…


This is the story of Donovan, a Polydactyl kitten! What is a Polydactyl cat? Well a normal cat has a total of 18 toes, ten toes on the front and eight toes on the back. Cats who have more than 18 toes are known to be Polydactyl. Now being Polydactyl is just a genetic mutation because of certain genes, but it is completely harmless.

Donovan, the cat, has seven toes, but is a very normal cat doing his kitten business in the most adorable way! The big thing about Donovan is that after his belly is full, he loves getting a massage by his people! I think it makes him feel better after a big meal! Just look at his tummy and you’ll know how much he enjoyed his dinner!

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