These Cows Find An Orphaned Baby Seal And Ultimately Are Responsible For Her Touching Rescue

A baby seal had a bizarre set of adventures happen since she last saw her ocean home — but now she’s finally back where she belongs, thanks to a curious group of cows.

Celebration the seal pup was only a few days old when she was separated from her mother back in July. But it wasn’t humans who found her. Celebration wound up stuck in the mud in the U.K.’s Frampton Marsh nature reserve, where a herd of 30 cows found her and gathered around to investigate the strange new arrival.


Ian Ellis had been bird-watching when he noticed the unusual grouping of cows. When he pulled out his telescope to take a closer look, he was quite surprised to see a seal pup in the middle of the curious bovines.


Rescuers quickly arrived to help and when it became clear her mother was nowhere around, they took the little pup in for care. She was underweight and dehydrated, and had developed a lung infection.


Celebration found a temporary home at Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary, where rescuers helped to raise her and provided medical care for her infection. She also found a friend in a seal named Charlie who came in also around the same time she did.


Since then, Celebration has been focusing on the one job a young seal pup has: eating as much as possible. This week, Natureland decided she and Charlie had finally put on enough weight to return home.


On Tuesday, Ellis and the team from Natureland brought Celebration back to the ocean, which she hadn’t seen since she was a tiny pup. But as soon as the doors to their cages were raised, she and Charlie immediately began to waddle back to the waves that they call home.


A photo taken shortly after the release shows Celebration staring out at the ocean as she prepares to dive in, finally back where she belongs. All thanks to a birdwatcher and some very puzzled cows.


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