Retired Guard Dog Is Stabbed By Burglars, Then Channels His Old Skills To Fight Them Off

Wagner is a naturally defensive dog. In fact, being defensive was this old German shepherd’s job.

Although he’s retired, Wagner used to be a proud guard dog who stuck by the side of his owner, Randy Price. Randy and Wagner were inseparable partners who worked security together.

“He likes to be outside doing his job. That’s protecting the yard,” Randy says about his injured guard dog. “He was my sidekick.”

Those guard dog skills certainly came in handy.

In the dark of night, an intruder or intruders entered Randy’s home through the garage. Wagner caught a glimpse. As Wagner tried to defend his home, he ended up getting stabbed several times by a perpetrator.

Hearing the commotion, Randy’s other German shepherd barked, alerting him that something was wrong. Randy then prepared for the unknown.

“I grabbed a flashlight and I grabbed a firearm, of course,” Randy states. He began searching for the person who broke in, but it was too late. Nobody was there. Then, Randy saw something disturbing.

He laid eyes on his poor German shepherd and his heart started pounding. He became uneasy, even scared. His old sidekick was surrounded in a pool of his own blood.

“I never saw the person,” a disappointed Randy explains. If only he peeped the face of whoever did this to his beloved German shepherd, then maybe justice could be served.

Undeterred by his tragic circumstances, Wagner did not throw in the towel. He wanted to survive.

Randy sought medical attention for wounded Wagner. The canine hero still had some old guard dog traits, like determination and perseverance, which helped him stand his ground and survive the gruesome attack. After beginning treatment, Wagner started to recover from that horrid night. Now, his wounds are slowly healing into scars, but his bravery will never be forgotten.

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