She Once Feared Pit Bulls And Now She Fosters Them

Candice was living under one roof with 4 humans, 6 dogs, 5 chickens, a rooster, and a tortoise. In addition, she was a foster mom who had dogs coming in and out all the time.

Candice knew what she needed to do…

She decided to move to a 12-acre ranch in Eugene, Oregon and began rescuing even more animals! Candice grew up with a Dad who also rescued animals when she was a child.

Candice was only 18 when she rescued her first senior dog, and then went on to become a shelter volunteer. Over the next 3 years, she spent all of her free time at the shelter.

It broke Candice’s heart when she saw dogs constantly coming to the shelter in various states of harm or sshock, and decided to become a foster parent instead.

She found it incredibly rewarding to help nurse a dog back to health and give them to a happy family.

Since the beginning, she has has fostered more than 30 dogs.

When Candice’s son secretly took in Roofus, a pit bull, she found that she really loved pit bulls.

After Roofus, they adopted Kilo, a wonderful yet struggling pit bull. The new Eugene property is being intensely worked on so it will be ready for all the dogs.

Candice says that there isn’t anything better in life than being a foster parent to dogs in need.


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