Wolf Rescued After Being Hit By A Car And Left To Die

In the Israeli countryside, a wolf was struck by a car and left for dead. Others spotted him and those kindhearted people decided to save him.

They named the wolf Oliel and took him to a vet, who found he had a fractured leg that prevented him from walking.

Oliel underwent emergency surgery that put him back on the path to recovery.

After the accident, Oliel still had trouble trusting humans, but he was a fighter!

After surgery, he underwent therapy and recovery for four months before he was finally well enough to be returned to the wild.

Volunteers ushered him into a portable cage, and then lifted him onto the back of a truck.

Oliel was understandably frightened, but he would be home soon!

The volunteers pulled the cage down from the truck once they had reached the countryside.

After they opened the door, Oliel was tentative about leaving it when he knew so many people were standing around.

It took a little coaxing before Oliel started to poke his head out of the cage…then he burst free, back out into his home!

He was running and leaping through the flowers and grass of the home that he hadn’t seen in months. Oliel made an amazing recovery, and he had had some amazing friends helping him along the way.


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