After Being Saved By A Farmer, This Moose Comes Back Every Day To Visit

Erikas Plucas lives in Lithuania.  He came home one day to find the unexpected – a young baby moose was lying just outside his gate. Plucas said it was heartbreaking to see her lying there, dirty, sad, starved, and her fur was infested with flies. The moose was afraid of Plucas at first, but was too weak to get up and run off.

Plucas picked the moose up and carried her inside. He then called animal control for advice.

That’s when he was told it was illegal to have a moose and not to do anything, and to let nature take care of itself.

Plucas totally ignored them and knew he had to help the little moose. He collected leaves and got her some milk and tried desperately to get her to eat and drink.

Animal services came the next day but offered little assistance.

Unfortunately, in Lithuania, there is no place for orphaned animals to go.

When Animal Services called a local hunter, Plucas knew that was a death sentence, so he insisted that he keep her and they agreed.

He named the moose “Emma” and from that moment on, she was his.

The first few weeks he had to feed Emma every four hours and would sometimes sleep next to her outside.

Emma still comes back every now and again to visit her human dad.

They swim together, and he gives her treats. Plucas now thinks  thinks his girl may be pregnant!


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