Rescued Kangaroo Shows Her Gratitude Every Morning In The Most Touching Way…

Kangaroos are marsupials that live in Eastern Australia.They have powerful hind legs, a long, strong tail, and two small front legs. According to National Geographic Kids, they can travel more than 30 feet in just one leap and move up to 30 miles per hour. A group of about 50 kangaroos is called a herd or a troop (Australians call them mobs).



A newborn kangaroo is also known as a joey, and they have carried around in their mother’s pouch. When they feel threatened, kangaroos will pound the ground with their feet as a warning, when they fight they kick and bite their opponent.


But not all kangaroos have the need to fight – some are just loving animals that are happy to be alive. One kangaroo living at Australia’s Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs is known as a very affectionate kangaroo – the most affectionate kangaroo her caretakers have ever known.


This is not a new thing, caretakers say, Abi has been doing this for years. Abi arrived at the sanctuary when she was just 5 months old and has become the “Queen of the Sanctuary.” It is clear that her caretakers love her as much as she loves them!


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