She Rescued A Blind Pit Bull And Gave Him A Beautiful Life

Bear, a one-year-old pit bull was hit by a car and rushed to a nearby animal hospital. The accident left Bear disfigured and threatened to leave him blind.

His owners could not afford his treatments or surgery, so they signed Bear over to the veterinarian.

Rawhide Rescue, Inc. offered to pay for Bear’s surgery provided he could find a good home.

Katie Frame’s mother worked at the animal hospital where Bear had been taken.

Katie and her mom fell in love with Bear and decided to adopt him!

The damage to Bear’s eyes was so severe, he underwent several surgeries to have them removed.

Being blind doesn’t seem to bother Bear at all.

Katie said “He runs around and plays with his ball, which makes noises when it moves so Bear can easily find it.”

Katie said that Bear initially bumped into things, but now that he has a good map of the house in his head and gets around easier.

Bears favorite activities are playing with his new sibling, Reese, a golden retriever.

Although the first meeting between Reese and Bear didn’t go well; because Bear was overly excited, Katie and her mom tried again, and the two hit it off much better and are now good friends!

Bear calmed down and now gets along with everyone he meets!

Bear is so sweet he greets everyone with a kiss! Katie has benefited from her relationship with Bear and said that Bear has improved her life!


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