Holy Temple Is Home To Thousands Of Worshiped Rats

One temple in India is a holy place where thousands come to worship every day. However, the Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan India is overrun by over 20,000 rats.

However, the human visitors don’t mind at all.

Rats are thought of as pests, vermin, disease-carrying rodents, but not at this temple, they are fed, protected and even worshiped.

To protect the rats from predators, they have installed netting and grills.

Because this is a very unusual holy place, the rats are an important part of the temple, and there is often a long line of people who come to visit the temple just to see the rodents.

While tourists flock to the temple, you can see rats interacting and playing with small children.

Visitors feed the rodents candy and other sweets.

Surender Sharma said that no one is concerned about disease. The area does not have a history of plague despite rats have been in the area for many years.

Sharma said people come to worship the rats as a God.

Even the food eaten by the rodents is considered holy. Sometimes the human visitors will eat the same food!

Brown and black rats are the most common but there have been sightings of white rats which are believed to bring blessing from God and good luck!

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