Mama Cat Gets Help Grooming Her Kittens, From A Rat

Rats are not necessarily everyone’s favorite pet.  Tate is a rat who found a happy home. It was also home to a cat named Pepper.

Pepper and Tate did not get along at first. Pepper gave birth to a litter of kittens, and Tate immediately helped and began cuddling with the new kittens.

Pepper can be seen clinging to the side of Pepper, who doesn’t mind having the extra addition to the family.

Pepper was exhausted and needed to sleep, while Tate decided to help out by grooming the newborn kittens.

Tate and Pepper bonded them together for the rest of their lives. Her owner said that she didn’t really think that Tate would be the motherly type, but the lovable little rat definitely proved her wrong!

Have you ever seen anything this cute?

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