10-Month-Old Puppy Stands On His Hind Legs Waiting To Find His Forever Loving Home

Tagg is a 10-month-old pit bull who spends most of his day standing on his hind feet watching everyone pass him by. The San Bernardino City Animal Shelter is crowded and does not have enough volunteers to attend to all the dogs.

One of the shelter volunteers shared Tagg’s picture and story on Facebook hoping someone would see it and save him. The post said that Tagg waits all day at the door and is the first dog people see when they arrive at the shelter. He is just a puppy and has a full life ahead of him.

Please share Tagg’s story with friends, family, and approved rescue organizations. Please contact the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter at (909) 384-1304 and ask for Reference #A499446. His future depends on it and no dog should have to live behind bars.


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