Officer Saved Puppy Who Was Just Minutes Away From Being Euthanized

Eve, a pit bull mix puppy, was born a stray when her mother was hit by a car. The accident was devastating to Eve, her pelvis, leg, and hip were shattered. She was alone for days suffering before the Douglas County Georgia Animal Control officers found her and it did not look like they had many options.

The founder of Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Jason Flatt,  said the officers found Eve suffering and had decided to put her down. Before a final decision was made, Eve made her wishes known when she wagged her tail slightly and gave the veterinarian some kisses! Eve wanted to live!

The veterinarian called Flatt and said she had needs beyond what they were capable of handling and that her medical treatment would be complicated and expensive. Flatt then took Eve to BluePearl Veterinary Partners for treatment. Their estimates were around $7,000!

Eve returned one month later, when a lot of her bones had healed on their own, and she only needed a metal plate over her leg bone, the cost: $2100.

Eve is staying with her foster family and is scheduled for surgery next month. She already has made new friends!

Once Eve has fully recovered, she will start looking for a forever home!

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