Puppy Mill Dog Is Rescued And Becomes A Wonderful Therapy Dog

Here is the story of two living beings, a woman and a dog who saved each other from their miseries. Maudelle dreamed about having a dog ever since her therapy for alcohol addiction began three years ago. At the same time, Brownie was being rescued from a horrible puppy mill.

They both needed love, right away!

When Nashville Humane Society rescued Brownie, his brown coat was filled with grime, urine, and feces and it was a miracle that he was alive underneath it all.

Little did anyone know, Brownie’s loving mommy was already in the shelter to save him.

Maudelle was instantly smitten the minute she saw Brownie. When she picked him up, Brownie felt love for the first time.

Nashville Humane Society decided to show Maudelle how Brownie was rescued by giving her a glimpse of Brownie’s past.

Here is a video from The Humane Society of the United States showing how terrible Maudelle felt when she saw Brownie’s rescue story for the first time …

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