Pit Bull Puppy Becomes The Police Station Mascot

The Petal Police Department of Petal, Mississippi picked up a little puppy roaming the streets.  They named her Felony and she became the unofficial mascot for the day! Felony is probably 2-4 months old and is a black Lab/Pit Bull mix. She was found wandering at a local dog park.

Because the local shelter was at capacity, Felony was taken to the police department. Because she is part pit bull, it is likely that Felony would not have much of a chance at a shelter that euthanize. Because people are hesitant about adopting pit bulls due to their bad reputation because people have misused and abused them.

The Officers from the Petal Police Department were worried Felony would be judged by her looks when she actually has a sweet, affectionate disposition! Felony spent the day learning to be a dispatcher. She ‘helped’ dispatch take calls.

It was obvious that Felony enjoyed spending time with the Officers!

Felony is seen here following the Assistant Police Chief down the hallway!

Here she is taking a quick nap!

At the end of her long, hard day, one of the policemen took Felony home!

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