Puppies Rescued From A Tar Pit Make A Beautiful Transformation

The horrific actions of cruel people in this story are just indescribable. While a man in Spain was going for a walk, he discovered that someone had dumped three puppies in a tar pit to die.

He was helped by three women who worked for an animal shelter in Cartagena, Spain and took the puppies to the vet to help them, both physically and mentally. Trying to remove the tar was a difficult experience. It can do so much damage to a dog’s fur and skin. The poor puppies swallowed large amounts of tar so they needed to be treated as quickly as possible. Sadly, one of the puppies was too weak and had to be euthanized.

It took the rescue workers two days to remove the tar from these poor babies!  They both have recovered nicely from their ordeal and are now ready to find their forever homes.

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