Mama Dog Is Found In Graveyard Protecting Her Babies

If you spot a dog by a grave it really can be one of the saddest sights to see. Animals are capable of mourning just as humans do, and can even fall into depression for a long time.

This German Shepherd was spotted in a Serbian cemetery, curled up in front of a headstone, everyone believed the dog had lost someone important to them. That was not the case at all.

This poor dog was a stray who was not only trying to survive the winter, but also needed to keep her puppies safe as well. She dug a hole and hovered over her puppies in order to help them stay warm.

Thankfully, the puppies were discovered by animal rescuers and were brought to a shelter to receive the medical attention and food they needed.

We are sure the dogs were quite thankful for shelter and food.

The puppies continue to thrive and grow, nurse from their mother, and stay healthy and provide enough milk for her puppies.

After all, who could ignore those adorable faces?

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