Puppies Found In A Sealed Box In The Woods With A Note Saying ‘Shoot Me’

When a hunter and his wife were hiking through the woods in their small Texas town, they stumbled across a sealed box in the middle of the forest. When they looked inside, they discovered something truly heartbreaking. In the sealed box, was a box of puppies with no food or water.

The box contained six tiny puppies. They were all abandoned and left to perish. The couple called Karen Renee, a volunteer with The Underdog Project, which provides medical care to stray and neglected dogs in the Dallas area. Karen rushed to the scene and collected the poor puppies.

Karen was so relieved they called her in time.  The puppies without food, water, or even proper ventilation, would not have lasted much longer. That was not the worst part. Karen found a note on the side of the box. She was shocked by what it said.

The note read:  “shoot me” on the side of the box. Whoever had abandoned the puppies was clearly a horrible person. They were now in good hands.  When they were brought to the vet, it was determined that they were about one month old. All of the puppies were extremely malnourished with various injuries and illnesses; one had an infected bite on her face, while another’s tail had been bitten almost all the way through.

Because of their strength, Karen named them all after Greek gods: Aries, Apollo, Aphrodite, Athena, Atlas, and the smallest, Hera. Although they were safe, things quickly went south for the puppies…

Three of the puppies, Athena, Aphrodite, and Aries, suffered from full-blown coccidia infections and had to be rushed to a hospital. Unfortunately, Athena and Aphrodite didn’t make it, but Aries managed to pull through.

Aries returned to live with Karen and his siblings, but became a much more subdued dog and was far less rambunctious than the others.

Karen was busy with all the puppies, but the deaths of Athena and Aphrodite still really affected her. She had never had any dogs she’d fostered pass away, and their passing strengthened her resolve to ensure that the rest of them stayed safe and happy.

The puppies continued to become healthier and bigger while recovering, and soon enough they had grown into quite the family. The boys were energetic and loved to play, while little Hera became more of a lap dog happy just to cuddle.

Karen’s daughter Blakeleigh, who suffered from multiple sclerosis and was blind, grew very attached to the dogs. She was very “hands on” and Karen believed that was what contributed to them considering her a sort of mother figure!

Karen felt closest to the smallest of the bunch, Hera. She discovered early on that the pup was blind in one eye, and she always felt an extra duty to look out for the tiny dog.

Today the puppies are all healthy and strong and in need of forever homes. While Karen wishes she could keep them all, she realizes that doing so would prevent her from fostering other dogs. She’s confident, however, that they’ll all find wonderful families!


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