Puppy Raised For Meat Gets Her Chance At Freedom

People travel all over the world for a chance to rescue defenseless animals. Some of these dogs were rescued from abusive homes, while the dog in this rescue story has a beautiful story of her own.

Mary, a Shiba Inu, was living in inhumane conditions in South Korea.  She and six other furry companions were being raised for slaughter in a meat market. Before the unthinkable could be done to Mary or her friends, rescuers with Aniband saved the day. Aniband is an animal rescue organization specializing in rescuing animals that were being raised for consumption.

Aniband has rescued hundreds of pups from their horrible fate. Mary and her friends were taken from the meat market and brought to a safe place where they were checked out. They were then put on a plane to San Francisco, where their lives would change forever.

Once in San Francisco, Mary and her friends were taken to a local shelter. Mary had lived in a cage her whole life.  She slowly made her way towards the front of the carrier and took her first step out. Mary finally experienced life outside of a cage.

After taking her first steps, Mary was taken and given her first bath. She had never experienced such love before and relished every minute of it. After her bath, Mary went home with a loving foster mom and after just 3 weeks on Ameican soil, Mary was adopted and given a forever home!

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