Prosthetics Changed The Lives Of These Lucky Animals

Some of our best improvements in medicine do not only affect humans; they also help our pets. Research going into prosthetics, and our fine four-legged friends are taking these advancements in stride.

1. Check out this little pug, he obviously doesn’t let anything slow him down.

2. The advance in prosthetics is not just for small animals.

3. Even the wild animals down under are benefiting from space-age science.

4. This little pink princess is ready to hit the road.

5. It appears the youngsters seem to be better with new technology.

6. Even the largest land mammals get a leg up when they need it.

7. Not only legs are created…

8. K9 dog is all ready for a happy retirement!

9. This is the best-looking beak I’ve ever seen!

10. This must be the turtle the hare lost to.

All of these animal’s lives were changed for the better from prosthetics!

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