Proposed Law In Ohio Will Mean Mandatory Jail Time For Killing A Police Animal

Ohio is changing the law that makes invokes a higher penalty for the killing of police dogs. Cases of animal abuse are still rampant today, and it can be difficult to catch the perpetrators as well as have them sentenced accordingly.


Many officers regard their police dogs are more than team mates when it comes to giving their lives in the line of duty.


The bill (Senate Bill 286) will be considered at the end of the month to determine if it should be passed as law, but this is one step towards the improved treatment of animals.


Hopefully in the future, this law could even be extended to those animals who are killed in their homes. They’re more than just pets to many owners, and should be valued just as highly as a human member of the family.


Many people may call this a stretch in terms of the law, but to many, their pets are family.


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