Dog With Severe Mange Was Transformed With Love And Kindness

This is the story of a poor, starving dog, covered in mange who had given up all hope. He was so incredibly ill, that it did not matter where he was lying or whether he was eating. He had no idea his life was about to become amazing!

Indian rescue group, Animal Aid Unlimited, were patrolling the streets when they saw a sick dog by the side of the road. At first, they thought the dog was a pile of rocks. It looked so tired and fragile and was covered in a severe case of mange, this dog had literally given up on life.

The volunteers brought the dog to their shelter to treat him. Despite their efforts, the dog just blankly stared at the walls in a curled up position at the corner of his room. He just laid there and didn’t move and had open wounds all over him.

In a matter of ten days, the shelter did everything they could and his skin was healed, but his eyes were full of sadness. A dedicated volunteer bathes his skin with a medical ointment, and you can see he enjoyed it!

After only two months, the poor dog transformed into, a healthy smiling pup with beautiful and soft white fur, the dog thoroughly enjoys all the petting he can get.

When it’s time to go to sleep, he lays his head on his friend’s lap and sleeps while his friend pets him.

The dog finally has a second chance to live and his eyes that were once filled with sadness, are now gleaming with joy! What an amazing transformation!


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