Police Officer Rescued Abused Pit Bull, Fell In Love, Then Adopts Him

When witnesses saw a man beating a pit bull with a leather belt, hit him in the face with a brick, and choke him, they convinced the suspect to hand over the dog before they called the authorities.

The poor dog was only about one-year-old at the time and was battered and traumatized. He sustained injuries to his face, legs, and paws before something amazing happened. When the police officers arrived at the scene, the sweet, gentle dog jumped right into their car.

Once the dog was treated for his injuries, Cleveland Patrol Officer Brandon Melbar agreed to foster the pit bull, whom he named Harvard. That was until Officer Melbar fell in love with Harvard and couldn’t bear to part with his new best friend.

The officer and the pit bull are now inseparable. Harvard has spent the last year surrounded by love, care, and lots of pampering.

When the police arrived, the poor dog had been severely abused.

That did not stop this battered dog from revealing his sweet, gentle nature. Without hesitation, he jumped right into their squad car!

Clearly, he was ready to begin a life without abuse.

Cleveland Patrol Officer Brandon Melbar agreed to foster the abused pit bull and named Harvard.

However, Officer Melbar quickly fell in love with Harvard and decided to adopt Harvard.

This wasn’t the first time a Cleveland Police Officer went above and beyond the call of canine duty.

The viral photo below shows Cleveland Police Patrol Officer John Lyons lying down with one of the many dogs he has rescued. In 2013, Officer Lyons found a sick, pregnant dog and brought her home. She gave birth to her puppies, and he and his wife took care of them all.

Harvard received the medical treatment needed, and thankfully, his wounds have since healed.

Thanks to Officer Melbar, Harvard has spent the last year as a happy, healthy pup!

God bless this hero officer for giving Harvard his second chance at a life and giving him the love he deserves.

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