Hero Police Dog Shot In The Line Of Fire While Saving Police Officers

When Bruno the K-9 dog, faced a life-threatening situation, he was shot in the face while chasing down a suspect. Bruno selflessly threw himself in the line of fire to protect his partner, while the suspect was killed.

Bruno’s partner RJ Young, was distraught and said:

“[Bruno was shot] point blank, it was a horrific thing to have to watch,” he said. “My entire world came tumbling down in the matter of a second.”

Bruno was immediately taken to the hospital with a police escort in place. He was lucky since the bullet narrowly missed his heart.  Bruno underwent two surgeries before he could be taken off his breathing tube. He was reunited with his partner a week later.

Bruno is healthy, he is now retired from service and has been adopted by Officer Young and his family. Officer Young explains: “He’s like a son to me. Bruno will be with me for the rest of my life.”

Officer Young and Bruno will always share a special friendship, and will be together for the rest of their lives!

Now Officer Young has a new partner, a two-year-old named Yukon.

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