Abused Pit Bull Puppy Cannot Hide His Happiness When His Rescuer Adopts Him

The hardest journey for a rescue animal is finding the perfect forever home.  This is especially true for pets who have physical ailments or psychological problems from their abuse.

That might have been the case for Mojo, a three-month-old pit bull puppy with a severe case of mange. Nobody expected his life to turn out the way it did.

This three-month-old pit bull puppy was removed from a home with terrible living conditions, with a case of severe mange and was in horrible physical shape. It was clear that he had endured serious abuse and neglect.

Joey Wagner, who created a nonprofit animal rescue organization in Nova Scotia, Canada, quickly stepped in and rushed the pup to an animal hospital. He knew if the veterinarians didn’t act fast, there was a chance that the dog could lose his life.

The puppy they later named Mojo, began a slow but steady recovery. Although adoption requests came pouring in, the center could not consider regular adoptions because of the severity of his condition. Mojo needed very special care.

Because the care that Mojo needed in order to properly recover was far too great, he could not be adopted by any regular person. It was going to have to be someone special coming along for him to be released.

As soon as Joey heard the news that Mojo wouldn’t be allowed to go home with just any owner, he decided to step up to the plate. So he headed straight to the vet where Mojo was recovering. When Mojo saw Joey walk into the room where he was having a routine exam, it was clear that he recognized him. Just look at the little pit bull puppy give his hero all the kisses and hugs!

The day that Mojo was finally well enough to leave the vet was likely the greatest day of his entire life, see the way neither party can stop smiling when they’re reunited!

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