Pit Bull Saved Her Owner When She Passed Out On Train Tracks

According to the ASPCA.ORG, Pit Bulls are descendants of English bull-baiting dogs and were bred to hold onto bears and bulls by biting around the face and head. After baiting animals were outlawed, the English bull-baiting dogs were bred with smaller, faster terrors to make a more athletic dog. That dog is the dog we know today as the pit bull.

This is the story of Lilly, the pit bull.

Lilly was 6-years old when she was adopted by Boston Police Officer, David Lanteigne. David rescued Lilly for his mom, Christine Spain, to help her with her recovery from alcoholism and depression.

It worked! Lilly did help Christine start to get better. Christine, unfortunately, relapsed when her family got some terrible news

One night, Christine was out walking with Lilly (now 8 years old), when she collapsed on railroad tracks. There was a train heading right for her when Lilly jumped to action and dragged her unconscious mom off the tracks in time!

However, Lilly was severely injured by the train and her left front leg had to be amputated. Lilly has fully recovered from her injuries and is unofficial the spokesdog for her breed!

Lilly’s family knew she was a special dog when they adopted her. Christine said it was unfortunate that she missed out on the first 6 years of Lilly’s life.

Lilly really is an amazing dog with a lot of love to give! Christine and Lilly have the rest of their lives to make up for lost time!

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