Rescued Pit Bull Clings To Her Newborn Babies At The Shelter

Adrienne Andino was visiting a dog in the isolation wing at Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida.  She could not get the dog out of her mind. Andino is the founder of Pitbull Tailz Rescue and was told about the dog by some friends.  Andino saw Rice Krispie, a 6-year-old pit bull mix literally clinging to her litter of newborn pups.

Rice Krispie was surrendered to the shelter while pregnant.  Prior to giving birth Krispie was friendly. But afterward, she was very aggressive.

Andino said that isn’t uncommon in dogs living in a shelter. Because of her aggressiveness, Rice Krispie and her babies were kept in the isolation area.

Rice Krispie’s life was about to end and she and her babies were going to be euthanized. Rice Krispie, in her efforts to protect her babies, was in signing their death warrant.

It was impossible to get near her or her babies. Rice Krispie needed a rescue to step forward and get her out. After Andino took pictures and posted them on social media, a rescue group scooped up the family!

Rice Krispie has a new name and is now called Scarlet. Thanks to Poochies Pet Rescue and the Central Florida Animal League, Scarlet and her babies were saved from death.

The adorable pups and  Scarlet already have a foster family too.


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