Blind Cat Rescued From Airport Meets His Soulmate

This is the story of Pinocchio the cat and his cat brother Jiminy Cricket. When Pinocchio the cat was rescued at the airport, he had lost his eyes, but how he found love is just incredible!

Pinocchio was found at an airport in 2012 and brought to the shelter.  Because his infections were so bad, he had lost both his eyes. That didn’t stop him from behaving like a normal cat.

Pinocchio was placed in his foster home where he met his friend Jiminy Cricket, also a rescue kitten, and their connection was instant!

Jiminy and Pinocchio soon became inseparable and that’s when the foster knew that these two cats had become brothers so they had to be adopted together.

When you watch the video below and you won’t believe that Pinocchio is actually completely blind. His whisker power and sharp ears help him do just about anything another cat can and best of all, he has a partner that helps him navigate! Pinocchio can play with all sorts of toys and even goes on walks with his persons!

Thankfully they were adopted together!

Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio found a loving home!

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