Adorable Pig Gets So Excited Over Her Brand New Bed

Patricia the pig, who lives at Santuario Gaia, a sanctuary in Spain, immediately perked up when she saw the bags of wood shavings for her pen. .


When the man opened them, Patricia stuck her snout out and was covered by the waterfall of shavings.


It was only a matter of seconds before she dove right in.


She was so happy, she snuck a kiss.


He gave her some love back.


Patricia loves the feeling she gets when new bedding arrives because believe it or not, pigs are such hygienic creatures. “Pigs are the cleanest animals in the sanctuary, never defecating where they sleep and where they eat,” Santuario Gaia wrote in the video’s caption. “Imagine the suffering they have on the farms where they live surrounded by their own waste.”

Patricia, who was born on a factory farm before she came to Santuario Gaia. Her mother, who was trapped in a cruel gestation crate, had accidentally fallen on her and left Patricia paralyzed from a spinal cord injury.  Though she was just a baby, the farm wanted to kill her. Fortunately Santuario Gaia stepped in to give her a home. Patricia was saved from farm life and given a special wheelchair to help her move about.

The photo above shows Patricia when she first arrived at the sanctuary back in September. With the help of her wheelchair, she’s able to walk and even run around with the other animals.

Currently, Patricia is in need of a new wheelchair after the harness on her previous one broke. You can help Patricia get a new wheelchair — and help other rescue animals like her get a second chance — by making a donation to Santuario Gaia.

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