This Tiny Piglet Is Pretty Sure She’s Really A Puppy

Little Penelope is quite clearly a tiny piglet , but she appears to be convinced that she’s a puppy.   Her furry friends seem more than happy to let her think that.


After being rejected by her mother shortly after birth, Penelope was rescued.  She lives on a farm sanctuary in Eboli, Italy, run by animal lover Claudio De Nigris.



Penelope spent the first fragile weeks under constant care indoors, requiring regular feedings to build her strength.  Eventually, even the tiniest piglet must get out and play.

De Nigris’s five dogs, who were likewise rescued, have been happy to oblige her.


“Penelope is brought almost every day into the yard in the presence of her canine friends,” De Nigris told The Dodo. “They all take care of her, licking and nudging her with their muzzles, making it clear that they would like to play.”



The dogs obviously love their new little playmate.




“Above all, animal friendships teach us humans the value of respect and love,” he says. “We can learn to make a better world from watching them.”



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