Photos Of Heroic Firefighters Saving Animals

Firemen often get teased for rescuing kittens from a tree. In reality, firemen are some of the most courageous people and they take great pride in rescuing not just humans, but animals, as well.

Here are a few photos of these heroes rescuing animals.

A blind dog accidentally slipped and fell into Lake Ontario, this fireman dove into the frigid, icy waters of the lake to save its life!

When a brush fire burned through its home and destroyed everything in its path, this Australian fireman gave a koala a refreshing drink of water.

Missoula fireman, Brent Cunniff saved a kitten from a house fire and provided the kitten with oxygen.

These firemen, from Austin, TX, helped rescued a baby deer that was trapped in a drainpipe.


After a mare fell into a deadly bog and started sinking, these British firefighters rescued her.

After this dog was rescued from the second story of a home by firefighter John Cusco, he then offered it a badly needed drink of water.

The gratitude shown by this woman is beyond beautiful after firefighters saved her beloved cat,

The deep love that this fireman has for every living creature. Just the way he’s staring into the cat’s eyes is so pure. How does it make you feel?

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