Dog’s Incredible Response To His Owner’s Cancer Diagnosis Has People Calling Him A Hero

It almost feels like sometimes our pets have a sixth sense. They can detect anything from a thunderstorm to a potential intruder.

This is the story of Andy Szasz of South Hampton, England, and his schnauzer-poodle mix, Teddy

In 2012, Andy Szasz and wife, Estelle, were living a lovely life in South Hampton, England. That is when they realized their home was missing something; a furry friend. They went to the local RSPCA, where they met a schnauzer-poodle mix named Teddy. It was love at first sight.

It was not long after adopting Teddy, that Andy began to feel ill. He had severe stomach issues. When he went to the doctor, he was given devastating news: he had bowel cancer, which was an aggressive and rare form of the disease.

Luckily for Andy, he had a miracle worker in Teddy. Not only did the pooch offer unending support, but he sat with Andy through many a painful night, giving his owner some comfort. That wasn’t even the half of what Teddy would do, however…

Thanks to Teddy’s presence, Andy’s recovery was upbeat. Andy was more energized and soon enough, the doctors told him the good news: he was recovering from his rare disease and he was officially in remission!

Teddy lived happily with his family for the next few years. Then, suddenly, Andy began to feel ill once again and came down with a case of pneumonia. He was rushed to a nearby emergency room and had to be transferred to the intensive care unit.

Despite the best efforts, Andy’s sickness only worsened. Before long, the doctors placed him in a medically induced coma; that was his doctors’ best hope for saving him. There was the chance, however, that he could never wake up from it.

Meanwhile, Andy’s wife Estelle grew understandably distraught. She spent every waking hour at the hospital by Andy’s side. Doctors did tell her, however, that they expected her husband to wake from his coma in just one week.

Remembering how integral Teddy was in Andy’s previous recovery from bowel cancer, Estelle asked the hospital for permission to bring Teddy to visit his owner. It is not typically allowed, but the staff gave the pup their approval.

Teddy entered Andy’s hospital room for the first time and immediately began barking to wake him. The staff and Estelle were astonished when after just a few brief moments, Andy emerged from his coma!

For Teddy’s dedication to Andy during his recovery process from his disease, the RSPCA gave him an award and even held a ceremony in his honor. He really is a special dog, and his presence was undeniably important in saving Andy’s life; not once, but twice!

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