Watch Closely As A White Peacock Spreads His Tail And Spins Around…

Peacocks are traditionally synonymous with their royal blue and emerald green feathers.  However, this beautiful bird is just as stunning when completely stripped of its coloring. Sometimes called the  “albino” peacock, the white peacock below shows off his incredible tail.

The magnificent bird you’re about to meet lacks colorful feathers because he’s missing a pigment. However, his eyes are blue — a true albino peacock would have reddish eyes. This peacock has a genetic mutation called “leucism” which causes a decrease in pigment which, in peafowl, causes a complete lack of pigment in plumage but still leaves him with blue eyes.

Watch how he spreads his tail and spins around. Each feather consists of thousands of flat branches, each with minuscule bowl-shaped indentations. At the bottom of each indentation is a lamellae (thin plate-like layers), that acts like a prism, splitting light. It’s the same principle for butterflies and hummingbirds.
peacok white

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