Vet Saved Paralyzed Dog From Euthanasia When He Discovered Ticks

Ollie, a 10-year-old Shetland sheepdog, and his human parents had gone camping in Oregan.  After they got home, Ollie began acting a little off. He was drowsy and moved slower than usual. Once the veterinarian ran tests, he wasn’t able to figure out why Ollie was so ill. Soon after,  Ollie was completely paralyzed!

At DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, Dr. Adam Stone and Neena Golden, an intern, were about to perform the procedure when Ollie’s parents made the hard decision to have him put to sleep. Neena scratched Ollie behind his ear and felt a lump. Ollie had a tick on his ear! Dr. Stone told the family that he had “tick paralysis.”

Though it is extremely rare, when a tick’s saliva stays in a dog’s body for a long time, it can cause neurological problems. Ollie’s symptoms matched the condition, and the treatment and cure is to remove the tick. Dr. Stone removed the tick then shaved all of Ollie’s thick fur off to make sure it was the only one.

Within 10 hours, Ollie was back up walking around the house! Ollie’s family was so elated!

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