Disabled Rescue Cat Helps Comfort Sick Animals And Save Their Lives

Lyutsik is one amazing cat! He lives in a Russian animal shelter and has lost his ability to walk on his hind legs.

When Lyutsik fell out of a window, he damaged his spine, and his back legs were paralyzed. He was only a kitten when he was taken to an animal clinic in Perm, Russia. Once he recovered from his accident, Lyutsik devoted his life to helping other animals at the clinic.

Lyutsik often offers the critically ill patients moral support. If an animal is getting injections, Lyutsik is close by.

Lyutsik can be found cuddled up next to the animals helping keep them warm. He has actually saved lives at the clinic too, by being a blood donor.

Lyutsik’s presence helped this dog through a difficult time. He seems to be able to tell when another animal needs to be comforted.

Lyutsik uses one of his favorite treatment methods, purring. Many animals have appreciated the comforting and calming presence Lyutsik offers.

It does not matter how big or small, dog or cat, Lyutsik is there to offer them reassurance.

Lyutsik even joins the staff when they log on to webinars.

Lyutsik  brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Lyutsik likes to do normal, silly cat things – like shred paper!

Lyutsik is the King of the clinic!


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