Panda Care Center In China Shares Selfies Taken With Huggable Resident

Founded in 2011, the Dujiangyan Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding specializes in re-introducing panda bears into the wild. The Chengdu Research Base is affiliated with the Dujiangyan Research Base and has about 108 bears in captivity.  It’s the largest artificial breeding population of pandas in the world.  One panda however, has some serious selfie skills!  Dujiangyan Panda Base offers tourists the opportunity to take a photo with a panda.

This giant panda has some serious selfie skills.  Here he is with a lucky tourist.

Dujiangyan Panda Base in Chengdu City in China allows patrons to take a photo with a panda.

They released six pictures of thelucky tourist and the panda.

The Dujiangyan Research Base was founded in 2011, and specializes in re-introducing the bears into the wild.

They are part of a research base that has the world’s largest artificial breeding population of pandas.

A selfie with a giant panda anyone?


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