Military Dogs Receive Packages From Young Girl Honoring Her Grandfather’s Memory

Kylie Blake,of Virginia Beach, is an 11-year-old girl from a military family.   She knows all about the soldiers wishing that they could be home safe with their loved ones, and how they miss the comforts of home.  Kylie’s grandfather was a military veteran. 

After Kylie’s grandfather recently passed, Kylie decided to do something to honor his memory.  She began making care packages and sending them overseas to:  military dogs!

The U.S. Army has military working dogs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, and Guam.  Their families are soldiers, and it might be easy to overlook these loyal dogs.

Kylie, created a GoFundMe page to gather donations so she can put together packages and ship them to these brave dogs! She usually puts blankets, treats, toys, and sprays to help heal any cuts or scratches they receive on the job in their packages.

Some of the soldiers sent back photos of these four-legged loving all the goodies!


The  GoFundMe page is still going strong. Kylie is not just asking for money, but donations of items like cooling mats, grooming brushes, and a variety of toys and treats.


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