Pit Bull Owner Records A Special Song Just For His Dog

Dogs are usually born good-natured, innocent, curious, and full of life. Depending on how they were raised, their personalities can be shaped either in a positive or negative way.

If they are brought up into a home where they are loved and treated as a member of the family, they typically turn out to be the most adoring pets on the planet.

Pit Bulls are a breed that tends to be considered aggressive.  If they are brought up in abusive living situations, they either can be aggressive or terrified of humans. Dogs like this often get a bad reputation. However, if  you have grown up around a family who treated their Pit with love and respect, you know they can be some of the sweetest dogs in the world.

Here is a video of a sweet Pit Bull named Doogie and he loves his owner more than life itself. They spend their free time together and their favorite hobby is their guitar sessions. Doogie’s owner was playing his guitar and surprised Doogie with a song he wrote just for him. Watch Doogie’s reaction as soon as the music starts to play.


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