These Owls Find A Camera In The Yard. Their Reaction Is So Good, I Am Still Laughing…

Meet the burrowing owl. Affectionately named Desi and Lucy by a local resident, these owls are quickly becoming an internet sensation. The Cape Coral resident told local news agencies that it’s part of her morning routine to greet them before heading out. Clearly, the presence of an unfamiliar object near their home was a source of some concern. Set up by a wildlife photographer, then set to music by GoPro, this video had me laughing all day. The synthetic hoots and beats blend wild and urban tones that perfectly reflect the scene of these owls as they menacingly approach the camera.

Although they have the familiar forward facing eyes, burrowing owls differ from the “typical” owl in many ways. Like the name implies, these owls live in burrows, typically dug by squirrels or prairie dogs. And, unlike most owls, they are most active during the daytime when they gather their food. Because they live underground, they are particularly vulnerable to changes in their habitat. They cannot simply build a nest in another tree. Although they are not on any endangered species lists, estimates show their population is in decline. In an effort to preserve their habitat, Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife has an annual Burrowing Owl Festival to help raise funds and awareness of these darling birds.


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