Paralyzed Dog Was Overlooked For Many Years

When this beautiful, paralyzed stray was living on the streets, she was alone, abandoned and injured. People passed her by and nobody stopped to help. That was until one day The Orphan Pet found her. They knew they had to do something to help the stray.

They rescued her and named her Bianca because of her beautiful white fur. Despite the fact that she was paralyzed, she was still a strong, independent dog.

Bianca was in pretty bad shape; she would drag her legs until her knees bled, causing her to have constant pain. It took time, but The Orphan Pet gained her trust and all their hard work paid off. Bianca was just waiting for someone to see her beauty and have compassion for her.

The Orphan Pet learned that Bianca’s owner used to own a beach bar, and that is where she lived. However, the bar shut down, and Bianca continued to live near the bar.



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