Orphaned One-Week-Old Foal Found Wandering On An Indian Reservation

When a foal was found wandering around by herself near the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon, she was taken to the Bend Equine Medical Center.

The foal, who would later be named Charli Promise, was in desperate need of emergency medical care, and thanks to the cooperation of different rescue groups, got exactly the care that she needed to survive.

She was only a week old and was suffering from pneumonia and several other injuries.

The rescue had no idea how such a young foal could be in such bad shape, but they treated Charlie and she was on her way to a full recovery.

Although she’s currently still on medication, she’s gaining weight and strength every day. In only a few weeks she’ll start spending time around other horses.

It looks like Charli Promise is going to have a perfect ending!

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