Animal Rescuers Carry An Orangutan Back To The Forest Where He Belongs

A 20 year old orangutan named Mata, was found by the people at International Animal Rescue (IAR) on a burned out banana plantation. The forest, or jungle is their home, and the fire displaced entire groups of creatures. This has to be the single most devastating event in their lives.

orangutan free

Mata needed months of therapy and care in order to recover completely, and while it had been a long journey to full recovery, he was finally ready to go back to the forest.


The team took Mata and another orangutan, a female named Mynah, on a long journey back to the forest where they could start over. It wasn’t an easy trip, they both had to be physically carried to the van and then make a 52 hour trip to the village of Mengkilau.


Once they arrived there, it was time for everyone to get on some pretty rickety boats and travel miles through rough rapids to the release site. Much of the forest had grown back by now, an some of the bigger trees had even survived the devastating fire.

The crates they’d been riding in were placed in front of the trees, and they were released.  The rescuers waited… and finally both orangutans were out of the crates, climbing the trees and foraging for food like nothing had happened!


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